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Spire is home to an exceptional alliance of experts who are ready to collaborate with you on your digital transformation journey. Each member brings their unique expertise in Salesforce, MuleSoft, Tableau and Slack and together they form an unstoppable force that drives you forward. Explore their specialized skills, connect with our team, and witness the power of collaboration as we propel your organization to new heights of success.


HAVIK is a powerhouse in driving marketing automation journeys beyond implementation. With expertise in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot), they deliver long-term value by aligning your needs with strategic plans. Their guidance ensures optimal results through coaching, technical assistance, and a customer-centric approach. Experience a 360° view of your customer journey and effortlessly boost your sales. Partner with HAVIK for a passion-driven marketing automation experience.

“Working with Salesforce at HAVIK is like being a chef in a high-tech kitchen, where we create tailored solutions for our clients. It’s a tool that helps us serve up exactly what they need. And being part of Spire? It’s like having a secret recipe book. It offers us a network of fellow experts, support when we need it, and recognition in the beautiful world of Salesforce. This combination is what makes our work not just effective, but exciting.”

Lotte Van Cleemput
Strategic Account Manager at

“At HAVIK, we create marketing automation solutions that perfectly fit our clients, guided by strategy and Salesforce technology. Being a member of Spire is like having a team of experts in your corner, enhancing our strengths and fueling collaboration. It’s this synergy that helps us stay grounded and navigate the fast-paced world of digital transformation with ease, just like a hawk with a keen eye for detail.”

Catrien Janssen
Managing Partner at

“Our mission at HAVIK is to provide top-notch marketing automation solutions, bridging the gap between data strategy and implementation. What sets us apart is our deep expertise in Salesforce Multi-Cloud projects and digital marketing. We believe in the power of collaboration and complementing each other’s strengths to deliver exceptional results for our clients. Being part of Spire allows us to expand our network of experts and offer even more value to our customers. Together, we can unleash the power of data and create personalized, engaging customer experiences that drive success.”

Nick Windey
Managing Partner at

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