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Spire is home to an exceptional alliance of experts who are ready to collaborate with you on your digital transformation journey. Each member brings their unique expertise in Salesforce, MuleSoft, Tableau and Slack and together they form an unstoppable force that drives you forward. Explore their specialized skills, connect with our team, and witness the power of collaboration as we propel your organization to new heights of success.


Brightfox is Salesforce Consulting and implementation partner that guides you from concept to Go-Live. Their dynamic team of highly motivated Salesforce experts specializes in CRM, marketing, and business intelligence. They focus on integrity, expertise, innovation, and excellence, delivering revolutionary ideas and customer excellence. Trust Brightfox to drive your success with their unwavering commitment and profound knowledge in Salesforce.

“At Brightfox Netherlands, diving into Salesforce technology lets me play in a sandbox with no walls—where innovation meets infinite possibilities. Being a member of Spire? It’s the ace up our sleeve. It means we’re never alone at the table, always backed by genuine experts.”

Floris Van Eck
Sales, Marketing & Partnerships
Brightfox Netherlands

“At Bightfox, using Salesforce is like leading an orchestra where business and IT create perfect harmony. With Spire, we join forces, bringing scale and expertise to make every client’s journey a masterpiece. Here, we share knowledge, pursue passions, and grow together, crafting strategic solutions that go beyond technical fixes.”

Robert Buisman
Managing Partner
Brightfox Netherlands

“With Salesforce, we’re transforming business challenges into tangible solutions, not just IT fixes. Being part of Spire means more than membership; it signifies being a piece of a larger puzzle of collective excellence and innovation. This collaboration propels us forward, enabling fast growth and shared learning.”

Saskia Blommaers
Managing Partner
Brightfox Netherlands

“Crafting solutions at BRIGHTFOX, I’ve realized that Salesforce is more than just technology; it’s a canvas where best practices meet customization. It’s about molding industry standards to fit unique company needs. Being a member of Spire is like having an all-star team by your side, a blend of specialties, personalities, and brainpower, all geared towards helping our customers see the full picture. That’s the beauty of it!”

Nicolas Delahaut
Solution Architect at

“As a marketer, I find Salesforce Technology to be a never-ending story of innovation and solutions. There’s always something new and exciting to share, and it feels like there’s a solution for every challenge. Being a member of Spire, especially as a woman in tech, is empowering. It’s not just about being in a group; it’s about feeling supported, connected, and never alone. The advice and warmth I receive from my colleagues and the wider Spire community make all the difference in my journey.”

Tsovinar Shahgaldyan
Marketeer at
Brightfox Belgium

“In a world driven by data, meaningful relationships are the cornerstone of success. With Salesforce, we’re not just providing technology – we’re enabling a future of enduring partnerships, and arming you with the insights necessary in CRM, Data, and AI to lead in your industry.”

Sam Geeraerts
Commercial Director at
Brightfox Belgium

“In my role as Customer Success Manager, I’ve discovered the true flexibility of Salesforce. It’s like having a key that can unlock any door to meet the client’s needs. The software is not just powerful, but also user-friendly and straightforward, making it a joy to explain to customers. Being a member of Spire is where the magic happens. It’s like being part of a dream team where our combined strengths allow us to offer the full spectrum of Salesforce solutions. Together, we don’t just meet customer expectations; we exceed them, making a real difference with every project.”

Suzanne Put
Customer Success Manager at
Brightfox Belgium

“Being a member of Spire is important to our strategic growth and specialization in various industries. We’re privileged to tap into the collective intelligence of the group, magnifying our impact and ability to serve our clients effectively. As for Salesforce, it’s my personal favorite. The platform’s relentless pursuit of innovation and the introduction of new modules keep me on my toes. It’s a never-ending learning journey that I relish every day, making my job incredibly gratifying and anything but dull.”

Jo Putzeys
Managing Partner at
Brightfox Belgium

“Being a member of Spire allows us at Brightfox to expand our Salesforce product offerings and achieve much more. The synergy between our teams on joint projects is remarkable, fostering growth and learning from each other. Salesforce’s innovative nature and scalability make it a true state-of-the-art product, which is why I love working with it. May the Salesforce be with you!”

Tommy De Haan
Managing Partner at
Brightfox Belgium

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