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Spire is home to an exceptional alliance of experts who are ready to collaborate with you on your digital transformation journey. Each member brings their unique expertise in Salesforce, MuleSoft, Tableau and Slack and together they form an unstoppable force that drives you forward. Explore their specialized skills, connect with our team, and witness the power of collaboration as we propel your organization to new heights of success.

Customer Link

At Customer Link, we work together with you to uncover what your organization needs to grow and thrive. By utilizing our controlled agile approach and bringing in different parts of our digital ecosystem we tailor Salesforce to your exact specifications, so you are free to achieve your ambitions. We build long-term partnerships with our customers, taking them beyond their implementation to maximize the return on Salesforce.

“My work with Salesforce is all about opening doors to new opportunities and solutions. Salesforce is a tool that adapts to any business need, making my job both exciting and efficient. Being a member of Spire is about teamwork and leveraging collective knowledge. This environment helps us not only in growing individually but also in offering more complete solutions to our clients. It’s a network where collaboration and shared expertise drive better results for everyone involved.”

Marie-Lien Loos
Strategic Account Manager at

“I love how Salesforce revolutionizes customer experience and business growth, especially with innovative tools like EinsteinGPT. Being part of Spire is key – it pools together diverse Salesforce expertise from all the Spire members. This collaboration allows us to offer comprehensive, 360° solutions, perfectly tailored to our customers’ needs.”

Sven Van De Plas
Customer Success Manager at

“At Customer Link, working with Salesforce is like wielding a secret weapon that keeps us agile and ahead of the game. It’s innovation that empowers every department to excel.  Being a member of Spire is a natural fit. The spirit of teamwork and mutual empowerment resonates deeply with me. That’s why being a member of Spire is an obvious choice – it’s where we amplify our strengths and grow stronger together.“

Caro Coox
Managing Partner at

“I am truly passionate about Salesforce and deeply value the values of the Salesforce community. I am dedicated to my team and clients, which has allowed me to become an asset to both Spire and Customer Link. Being a member of Spire brings me immense satisfaction as it offers a unique network of like-minded entrepreneurs who complement each other’s expertise. Together, we are stronger and able to accomplish so much more. I am proud to be part of the Spire Group and eagerly look forward to the future and the exciting opportunities it holds”

Katrien Vermeiren
Managing Partner at

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