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Spire is home to an exceptional alliance of experts who are ready to collaborate with you on your digital transformation journey. Each member brings their unique expertise in Salesforce, MuleSoft, Tableau and Slack and together they form an unstoppable force that drives you forward. Explore their specialized skills, connect with our team, and witness the power of collaboration as we propel your organization to new heights of success.

Dots & Arrows

Dots & Arrows is your trusted MuleSoft partner in the Benelux region. They deliver professional consultancy, training, and support services. With a team of certified developers, solution architects, and API ambassadors, they specialize in API architecture design, implementation, and training. Partner with Dots & Arrows to maximize the value of your MuleSoft investment and drive your digital transformation.

“Being part of Spire means embodying the spirit of ‘Stronger Together’. As an Account Manager at Dots & Arrows, I love working with Salesforce and MuleSoft technology. It’s like the Rolls Royce of tech tools, smoothing out the bumps of business integration. Together, we turn complexity into simplicity and strength.”

Joke Tange
Account manager at

“Working with MuleSoft offers an incredible journey through a variety of industries and systems. It’s like being a universal key that unlocks countless business processes; integration is our language, and it speaks volumes in every scenario. Being a member of Spire gives us a significant boost. It opens doors to amazing projects where we bring our unique expertise to the table. This way, we’re not just a part of the solution; we’re an essential piece of a much larger puzzle, offering a complete solution to our clients.”

Roeland De Smedt
Managing Partner at

“The harmony between Salesforce and MuleSoft excites me. It’s like connecting the dots in the most efficient way – bringing together separate systems into a seamless, powerful solution. The integration capabilities of MuleSoft amplify Salesforce’s potential, creating solutions that are not just effective, but revolutionary. Being a member of Spire means that we can be a part of an ecosystem of experts where collaboration and innovation are a given.”

Dieter Van Hoof
Integration Specialist at

“As a proud Member of Spire, I’m passionate about providing top-notch integration solutions using MuleSoft. Technology has always captivated me, and I strive to make it accessible to everyone. Being part of Spire allows me to collaborate with like-minded professionals, making us stronger together. Let’s unlock the power of integration and automation!”

Tom Stroobants
Managing Partner at

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