inSpire.d 2021: meet our inspirational speakers

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inSpire.d 2021: meet our inspirational speakers

On September 28th 2021, Spire and her members organize inSpire.d 2021. Highlights of the Salesforce event DREAMFORCE will be summarized, and Spire customers will share experiences from the field during an engaging panel discussion.

We’re happy to give you a sneak peek and proudly present our speakers for the event.

In this article

Meet our keynote speaker and our host.

Let’s kick off with our keynote speaker Gianni Cooreman.

Gianni has over 15 years of experience working with companies from different industries, helping them understand technological advancements and turning trends into business value. At Salesforce Gianni leads the BeLux Solution Advisor organization, a team of talented people who light the way for our customers on their journey towards a customer-centric business transformation.

And … our wonderful host for the day: Kevin Van der Straeten